Why CR is undergoing a change

We find that there are limitations to what any one of us wants to post on Facebook or can post on Twitter. This blog will pick up where lengthy discussions leave off on our social media sites. For now. The blog may develop its own voice and direction eventually.

It frequently happens that someone’s post will set us thinking or relate to much more than the post intended to address, so a developed response would be not be appropriate in someone else’s thread.

CR has several other blogs under development for different audiences so expect us to be hit or miss here for a while. But when the passion strikes there is certainly no denying its expression and Cibola Report will have something to say. ~CR

Cibola Report Reworked

Cibola Report is undergoing design changes. The blog will take a new direction, moving from a local resource and information focus to discussion of forces and events that are shaping the world now. Please bear with us as we move things around and find our footing in the new environment.


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